"Feeling Good and Looking Great"
Native American Fitness Instructors Network
A newsletter published by Aerobics Design-By
Caroline, Inc., concerning Native American
health and fitness issues.
Native American Fitness Alliance
An organization formed under the direction of Aerobics
Design that is sensitive to the needs of our Native
communities where many of our instructors live and
volunteer their services teaching and encouraging our
Our Vision Statement
"Our Nations of Native People and other cultures working together to embrace a total well-being of Nations
mentally, physically, and spiritually through health education and wellness programs."
NAFA - "Native American Fitness Alliance Instructor Training and Certification Program" a specially designed
training and certification, developed to address the needs of Native American fitness instructors entering the
fitness industry who will be conducting fitness classes in their communities.
Native owned and managed by:  Caroline A. (Snake) Duncan - Member of the Absentee Shawnee Tribe
Native American Community Fitness Happenings
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Workshops, Certifications and Events
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ADBC Fitness Studio
Located at 115 W. Westbrook in Troy, TN.  
We offer an array of fitness classes, individual and group personal training.
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Class Schedule Effective NOVEMBER 1, 2016
Yoga Classes on Saturday Mornings
Troy Community Involvement Days 2nd Annual 5K Race Results & Photo